8 Things That Differentiate A Tutor From A Teacher

In our previous two lessons we learned about who a teacher is, how we usually come into contact with teachers and highlights of what a real teacher should be. 

We also learned about who a tutor is and how tutoring differs from teaching.

If you haven’t already read through this, I suggest you start from here:

·        Who is a Tutor?

In this article we want to look at what differentiate a tutor from a teacher and what this means in improving children’s performance.

The following are few things that differentiate a Tutor and a Teacher:

1. Both a teacher, as well as a tutor, makes it easier for others to learn, but teacher works in a formal setting whereas a tutor helps individuals in an informal setting.

2. Teachers teach in classrooms, in schools, whereas tutors teach either at their place or at the place of the students.

3. A teacher takes up many other tasks, in addition to tutoring, such as keeping attendance, keeping records, taking tests, controlling their behavior etc., but a tutor is only concerned with explaining a subject.

4. Teachers follow a set curriculum, whereas there is no binding about curriculum for tutors.

5. Teacher teaches many students at the same time whereas tutor teaches on a one to one basis.

6. Teachers move according to their own pace whereas tutor moves at the pace of his pupil.

7. The main difference between the tutor and teacher is that the tutor provides additional information to help student understand the material to be learnt in an informal or a special way rather than a teacher who provides formal learning session following the specific curriculum. 

8. Tutor is the person who helps the students learns more efficiently depending upon student’s condition and aptitude. She or he is not confined to curriculum and goes further as per the needs of students. 

Not that:

A qualified teacher who charges an hourly/monthly rate and provides a one to one private tuition may be considered as a tutor. However not all qualified teachers are naturally good tutors.

This is because the classroom environment is very different from home tuition.

This is why a person with little or no qualification but with passion for teaching a subject can become an excellent tutor whiles a person with qualification but little or no passion may struggle with tutoring.

You can read more about this here: What makes a good tutor? And also

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How classroom learning differs from private home tuition.

In part four of this series, I present you with how children are taught in a classroom environment and how this system of education differs from private one on one tuition.

You will be surprised to see how tuition works in each of these two environments and excited by what that means for improving your child’s performance.

Continue on to the next lesson here:

Part 5How classroom learning differs from private home tuition.


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