What is Non Formal Education

In our previous lessons, we talked about what really education is and what formal education involves.

If you have not already read this begin here:
In this lesson however, we want to look at what non formal education involves.

Non-formal education is organized (even if it is only loosely organized), may or may not be guided by a formal curriculum. 

This type of education may be led by a qualified teacher or by a leader with more experience. 

Though it doesn’t result in a formal degree or diploma, non-formal education is highly enriching and builds an individual’s skills and capacities. 

Continuing education courses are an example for adults. Girl guides and boy scouts are an example for children. It is often considered more engaging, as the learner’s interest is a driving force behind their participation.


1. Flexible.

2. Life environment and learner oriented.

3. Diversified in content and method.

4. Non-authoritarian 

5. Built on learner participation.

6. It mobilizes local resources.

7. It enriches human and environmental potential.

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