What Is Formal Education?

In our previous lesson, we talked about what really education is and it's impact on our society.

If you have not already read this begin here:

In this lesson however, we want to look at what formal education involves.

Formal education comprises of the basic education that a person receives at school. 

The basics, academic and trade skills are exposed to the person through formal education. 

Thus, this form of education is also referred to as mainstream or traditional education. 

Beginning with nursery education, a person learns the various aspects as he advances towards primary, secondary and higher education. While nursery, primary and secondary education are received by a student at a school, higher education, or post-secondary education, is generally disclosed at a college or university.

Formal education is organized, guided by a formal curriculum; leads to a formally recognized credential such as a high school completion diploma or a degree, and is often guided and recognized by government at some level. 

Teachers are usually trained as professionals in some way.


(i) Planned with a particular end in view.

(ii) Limited to a specific period.

(iii) Well-defined and systematic curriculum

(iv) Given by specially qualified teachers.

(v) Includes activities outside the classroom

(vi) Observes strict discipline.

(vii) Leads to certificates, diplomas, degrees

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