Who is a Teacher?

This is Part Two of the five different series article on the difference between a teacher and a tutor with the goal of improving your child’s performance in school.

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The difference between a Teacher and a Tutor - Part 1
The concept of teacher and pupil is very old in all cultures across the world. However, in modern times, a teacher is an expert who helps students in grasping the concepts of academic subjects in classroom settings.

He follows a structured curriculum and sees to it that all the students in his class are able to understand the lessons he teaches. However, a teacher can be a person who makes the process of learning easier for individuals in all settings and the term is not confined to classroom settings only.
A teacher in a classroom setting is not just concerned with teaching as he has to keep records, control the students, conduct their behavior, and follow all instructions given to him while taking …

What Is The Difference Between A Teacher And A Tutor?

This is Part Oneof the three different series article on The Difference Between a Teacher and a Tutorwith the goal of improving your child’s performance in school.
In this article series you will learn:

·Who is a teacher?
·Who is a tutor?
·What differentiate a teacher from a tutor?
·How classroom learning differs from private home tuition.

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Have you ever been asked what the difference between teaching and tutoring is? Or what differentiate a tutor from a teacher before?
Most of us come into contact with a teacher only when we are grown up sufficiently to be able` to sit and learn in a classroom environment.
Teachers provide services in schools and they are usually engage with their specific professional qualifications. Tutors on the other hand, provide assistance to some individual that hires them for assistance in some subject the student is struggling in.
Theyare not required by law to have qualifications …

How To Raise Your Child's Confidence

There are many reasons why today's children behave more like consumers of life's riches rather than producers of life's work. The average Ghanaian home is filled with multiple entertainment sources that provide immediate rewards, rather than foster delayed gratification. 

Schedules are so packed with after-school sports, lessons, and activities that kids crave responsibility-free time at home.
Parents' lives are similarly stressful, leaving us less inclined to set up and manage systems of household accountability. This results in children being conditioned to pursue goals governed by parents, teachers, and schedules, rather than from a vital internal source: motivation.
The ability to motivate oneself to pursue desirable goals and refrain from interfering temptations is a key ingredient to future success. Here are some suggestions for cultivating self-confidence in children who have become dependent on others pushing them:
1. Set goals The simplest way to motivate a child …

How to Enjoy the Spirit of the Season together as Family

The holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones. For some people that mean that you celebrate the holiday with family members that you haven’t seen for a long time or maybe spending time with some individuals that you have issues with. We all know how that feels and how much stress that can bring. But research shows that families who spend quality time together — during the holidays and all year round — have a stronger emotional bond. Spending time as a family is also associated with better communication amongst family members and children. Children who actively spend time with their parents and other family members do better in school and are less likely to have behavioral problems. Amid the busyness of the season, it is essential to remember that the most important part of the holidays is spending quality time with those you love. Following are some ideas to help you enjoy the spirit of the season together as a family. If you find this valuable, please share and/or comment below;…

5 Best Fun Ways to Engage Kids in Christmas

Most kids count down the days each year until they are able to go on Christmas break.
If you’re like most families, the approach of the holiday season brings with it the anticipation of a few weeks filled with family togetherness and merry memory-making. But when it comes to kids, time away from school means that they will need other activities to keep them occupied.
Instead of showering kids with a pile of hot clothes or toys, make it a tradition to give them the gift of a memorable holiday experience. It’s amazing how much kids value and remember family traditions. Unlike anything else, they’re a source of fun, they strengthen family bonds and they form a meaningful link to the past. Whether you’re baking cookies, watching a favorite holiday movie or piling into the car to look at neighborhood lights, don’t underestimate the value of time spent together, enjoying each other’s company.
Here are 5 fun ways to make this holiday a memorable one:
If you find this valuable, please share and…

How to Control Examination Stress

In our last post, we learned how to answer exams questions, the strategies and what to do during examinations. Today we want to look at how to control examination stress.
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Be prepared emotionally and physically, as well as intellectually. Be prepared to do your best. Prepare your brain for optimum performance by keeping your physical resources well maintained. Get a good night's rest before the test. Eat well-balanced meals; avoid fasting and do not take stimulants you are not accustomed to (e.g., coffee, soft drinks, chocolate). And keep up with your regular exercise.

Stay away from others right before the test. Anxiety is highly contagious. It is best to focus on what you know rather than on what you don't know. Reinforce your strengths and confine your weaknesses. For this reason, it is …

How To Answer Exam Questions The Right Way

This is what it all comes down to; you’re sitting in the exam hall, waiting to get your hands on that anticipated piece of paper. You’ve jammed a ton of information into your brain and your fingernails are non-existent – it’s time to get down to business!
Yes, the exam environment may be different across disciplines. Computing students will sit some tests in front of a computer with their fingers poised to code. A practical element will contribute to science student’s final grade. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying English, Economics, Psychology or History, every exam can be approached in much the same way with these exam writing tips.
We’re here to give you some help answering and writing exam questions that will show your knowledge to the person who reads your paper.
Pay attention! These quick tips should be common sense but many students who are under exam stress fail to see their mistakes. We’re going to help you avoid a major exam disaster by pointing you in the right direction.